Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh lighten up!

As read over my last few entries I can see with open eyes how sad and tired and intense I was. Life was hard and I was carrying the burden of so much. Life has shifted or at least I have adapted to my new life... the face of me is now recognizable again... The changing is difficult..But the emersion is beautiful.

I have emerged. I have found my rhythm. I can see how I have grown and adapted. This gives me courage and confidence that I can survive quite bit and still find me in the midst of chaos.

Like a caterpillar to butterfly we assume the transformation is painless but is it? I know, in my life as I morph in to yet another phase of my life, another new career, it is not painless. But the process is so worth it.

My clouds have cleared, the sun is shining. I have adapted to my new place of corporate america. I miss my art, I miss the freedom. I am now in a place to find the balance.

I have found peace... at last.
Yeah, me.

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