Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Resurfacing again

I have resurfaced. As I read back over the entries I have posted I see growth, change and wow - maturity.
Hindsight brings us clarity.

When ruminating over a problem the best advice should be " just take one step then look back and readjust..." Seems so clear now. So much time waster over the right decision. Random thought I know.

I have graduated. I am now a doctor inthe academic sense. Doctor of  Nursing practice specializing in Informatics... Fancy way of saying I know a lot about nursing and information to improve health. But I am still me. Lover of all things creative and shiny and love to learn.

I am spending the summer exploring. Exploring what the world ( actually my immediate area) was doing while I was studying.

I have a garden, I am painting water colors and I am learning about essential oils. Oh and I am finishing my house projects. Trying to reclaim my house. But that's another story.

Finding me and who I am now. I started this blog in my early 40's now pushing 50. What's on my itinerary now? I am resting and reconnecting. Getting ready for the next great adventure.

I'd love to post a pretty picture but ... I can't get that feature to work on my iPad. Next post I promise.

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